Grammar Is Your Friend (II): Using "LINGUEE"

Dear students,

this week, I would like to recommend a new tool to write and revise your texts at home: LINGUEE. This is an online dictionary for different languages, and its main advantage is that it provides us with words and expressions "in context". Linguee incorporates a search engine through which we can access to translated sentence pairs coming from thousands of webs on the Internet. This way, you can improve your use of grammar and try not to copy directly from Spanish when writing in English.

For example, if you want to know how to write la mayoría de la gente, look this expression up:

And then, have a look at the possible translations into English and the contexts in which the different options appear:

Important warning: pay attention to the sources these translations come from. If they come from Spanish webpages (and not British or American sites, etc.), they might be wrong.

Important warning number 2: you can use this tool to write -and to learn English in general- but avoid plagiarism - i.e. writing more than 3/5 consecutive exact words in a row without quoting your source.

We will be talking about "quotation" in class soon : -)

I hope you found this post useful.

See you soon!

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