Reading Makes You a Better Writer (IV): Stylish Book Covers

Dear students,

many of my writer friends on Facebook have shared this link today: "The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers". Looking at these beautiful covers reminded me of you. I think that  this selection is a good chance to recommend some classics. I know you are kind of overwhelmed by work now, but you might find some time to breathe and read at some point.

Anyway, my favourite covers appearing on the list are these ones:

I love these books, so this can be the reason why I like the covers too. In fact, I am re-reading Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar these days and I feel like devoting an entry to her soon. She was an extremely talented (and tormented) writer and deserves her own space here. As for the other titles: The Hound of the Baskervilles is probably the most thrilling Sherlock Holme tale. Have you seen the television series Sherlock? I really ejoyed this BBC adaptation, but I must admit I like the book much more. To me, reading is always more intense than watching -everyone to his/her own taste! Anyway, another book I would like to recommend today is 1984, a novel by George Orwell that describes a nightmarish society in the future which, unfortunately, is  somehow similar to the present day world. Finally, Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon is an unfinished novel, published posthumously, that I have not read yet. Nevertheless, this is on my wish list.


What about you? Did you find any cover you like? As a Fine Arts ex-student, I would like you to recommend some covers or pictures to me too.
That's all for now, folks!
See you soon,


  1. I've seen the Sherlock BBC series and I love the way they have adapted the 19th century in our current age. I've also read The Hound of the Baskervilles and I really love it (more than the series, by all means). I also like the Anna Karenina cover since it's so sweet and simple. I usually like covers like that. However, my favourite covers are from fantasy books like The Name of the Wind (which is a fantastic and brilliant book). The cover are mysterious, they suggest feelings and clues for the stories. Have you read The Name of the Wind?

    1. Hello Brooklyn¡ Thank you for your reply. No, I haven't read the book you mention, but I will try to find it. I've just read this is the first book in a series, "The Kingkiller Chronicle" and that there were two possible covers to be published. It sounds mysterious indeed.

    2. Yes, it depends on the country, the Spanish and English cover is this.
      You should tried, it was different from everything I'd read, but it's brilliant. I'm waiting for the third part. The second one is called The wise man's fear.

    3. Yeah, I will give it a try. Thank you for contributing to our Reading and Writing Club, dear Brooklyn!

  2. I love 'The Bell Jar' !! *o* Sylvia Plath is one of my favourite writers ^^

  3. Charo, I could see you were a huge fan of Sylvia Plath the day I presented the "blog tutorial" and showed her name on the screen ("Sylvia Plath" was my "nickname" in the example I explained). I could see you felt a bit enthusiastic about it : -) Yeah, I am so happy to have students with a taste for reading... Thanks!

    1. Oh really ? Thank you very much ! :3 It made me happy a lot haha ^^ Thank you for sharing the books you like, so I add them to my personal library and discover new writers and styles ;)

  4. I also love book covers (not all of them, but I always look at them carefully). I am of the opinion that a book must not be judged by its cover, but a great cover is always welcomed.
    For example, although I haven't read that book, I find that one very clever

    I also love old book covers, I find them really interesting and made with a care that we don't have any more. This one is so simple and so delicate...
    (and the words inside are so emotional...)
    Thanks for sharing your list, I loved it and I'll add your recommendations to mine.