Reading Makes You A Better Writer (I): Poetry Foundation

After having read your blog entries this weekend, and in view of the success of the "Fear of..." experiment, I have realised that some of the students taking part in this course are very fond of poetry. For this reason, I would like to recommend the following American webpage: POETRY FOUNDATION. This is a literary organization committed to "discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience"- they say. Well, you can just browse the web and try to discover something you like.

I have already selected a poem to start the week, Monsters by the great Dorothea Lasky:

This is a world where there are monsters

There are monsters everywhere, racoons and skunks

There are possums outside, there are monsters in my bed.

There is one monster. He is my little one.

I talk to my little monster.

I give my little monster some bacon but that does not satisfy him.

I tell him, ssh ssh, don’t growl little monster!

And he growls, oh boy does he growl!

And he wants something from me,

He wants my soul.

And finally giving in, I give him my gleaming soul

And as he eats my gleaming soul, I am one with him

And stare out his eyepits and I see nothing but white

And then I see nothing but fog and the white I had seen before was nothing but fog

And there is nothing but fog out the eyes of monsters.

You can listen to her speaking these lines HERE.
You can see her HERE.

And, finally, here you are some tips to use reading to improve your writing, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Dear students, I think it would be great if you chose a poem you like and published it on your blogs. Thank you!