Reading Makes You a Better Writer (II): Knowing Yourself as a Reader

Dear readers,

reading is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language, especially if you are interested in what you read. Motivation is the key component of any language learning process. This is the reason why I would like to recommend a bunch of various online newspapers and magazines. Pick the one you prefer and start spending some of your spare time reading. I have classified the magazines into different categories in the hope that I can help you develop a reading habit.

* Serious readers worried about world issues: THE GUARDIAN 

* Fans of science and technology: I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE


* Incurable gossips: HELLO!

* Mad about (mostly indie) music (in English): NME

* Fashion lovers: DAZED & CONFUSED

* Poets and muses: POETRY FOUNDATION

Finally, click here if you want to read some tips about how to develop your reading habit.
And click here if you want to take a funny quiz and know what "type of book" you are... (I got the "Well-Loved Book")

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